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GreenBuzz is a global, sector-overarching network of sustainability professionals. We connect people who work in sustainability and have a great passion for sustainable thinking to move their organizations for a better planet. GreenBuzz started in Zurich and also operates chapters in Berlin, Bern, and Amsterdam. We motivate & empower individuals through network & knowledge to drive sustainable thinking in their organizations.

Our Chapters

GreenBuzz chapters are currently located in Zurich, Berlin, Bern, Geneva, and Amsterdam. Use the navigation menu to visit the chapters’ websites.

If you are interested in founding your own local GreenBuzz chapter, please contact us at info@greenbuzz.global.

And we are currently expanding our network. If you care about sustainability and want to spread your passion, we are happy to hear from you! Please contact us at info (at) greenbuzz (dot) global.

About GreenBuzz

Sustainability is increasingly recognised to be important for business and society.  Thousands of professionals in existing organizations work on sustainability topics, or want to do so, but often they are not having the impact that they could have. A lack of motivation, strong network, or skills & knowledge hinders their efforts. As a consequence, sustainability is currently not promoted with maximum effectiveness in business and society while change in existing organizations is urgently needed.

In order to bring change forward, a number of platforms exist already. However, there is no sector-overarching, globally connected platform that focuses on sustainability professionals in existing organizations across sectors. That’s how GreenBuzz developed. Our local peer-to-peer events motivate & empower professionals who join us to promote sustainability with maximum effectiveness. We make these professionals, our “Buzzers”, true catalysts for change.

Our local events are taking place every 6-8 weeks and are organized by local entrepreneurs, often volunteers, in their own local communities that we call “GreenBuzz chapters”. Chapters are independent entities, but supported & coached by the global backbone and in vivid contact with each other for best-practice exchange and discussions. GreenBuzz is a non-profit organization, locally and globally – we are fueled by the passion to create a world that works for everyone of us.

GreenBuzz came to life in Zurich in 2010 and was joined by the Berlin team in 2014. These two chapters combine a reach of almost 7’000 individuals and regular events with usually more than 100 attendees. In August 2016, we set up a global team to spread our format and lessons learnt. Bern and Amsterdam are operational since late 2016 and will soon be followed by more locations. Get in touch with us and help spread the passion for sustainability in organizations!

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