GreenBuzz Amsterdam is a peer-to-peer network for sustainability professionals

GreenBuzz Amsterdam is a network for professionals active or interested in sustainability. We are a peer-to-peer network based on word of mouth recommendations. Diverse events and formats are focused on different sustainability topics. GreenBuzz wants to help professionals by giving them the tools, inspiration and network to fulfill their Sustainability goals.


Our target audience is passionate about sustainability. These “Buzzers” are sustainability minded, sensitive and aware of challenges in a business context. They have diverse ages, backgrounds and interests but are in a position to make a change. The want to keep moving sustainability ahead in their organization.

We reach our Buzzers through a number of events open to the public or closed. The types of events varies from intimate evenings with open discussions to brainstorms to dinners. We keep events engaging by focusing on knowledge sharing between attendants instead of a plenary format. The talks are short and concise, the discussions run deep and relations are formed.

GreenBuzz Global is a European network of sustainability networks 

Being part of the GreenBuzz Global network (With Zurich, Bern & Berlin) gives us more than 6 years’ of experience to tap from. The professional network also runs across borders and the Global Network gives us the stability and branding to better reach our target audience.

More than ever, communities like GreenBuzz are giving passionate leaders the opportunity to draw on each other’s strength and experiences to drive to a more sustainable and equitable world. At a time that we need more leaders and trees, GreenBuzz is a welcome addition that I fully endorse.
Paul Polman CEO, Unilever; Chairman, World Business Council Sust. Dev.

If you want to have the tools, inspiration and network to change your organization, join us! Be different…

Our Amsterdam team consists of a team of motivated volunteers 4-man board