GreenBuzz is a mostly volunteer driven non-profit organisation that aims to catalyse progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and make a positive impact on sustainability by using the power of our network.

In Zurich we are more than 2000 people strong, and our community members come from highly diverse backgrounds; some of us are experienced sustainability professionals who come from various sectors, some are C-level professionals who are interested in sustainability, and others are sustainability-interested people who do not yet have work experience on the topic.

GreenBuzz also has chapters in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, and Geneva, and we strive to be a truly global movement inspires, connects, informs, innovates, and buzzes.

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We motivate and empower our community members by connecting them to knowledge and inspiring people. We see that a large number of our people in our community want to move sustainability ahead in their daily work. Such a “movement from within” can change even large organisations. At the same time, many of our community members have already faced and overcome barriers to progress on sustainability topics. We create impact by building a motivated community, bringing relevant topics to the table, and facilitating peer-to-peer learning.

Here are some of our core drivers:


We treat each other with respect because we want to live on a planet where all stakeholders, including the Earth itself, may equally thrive.


We want to engage in authentic and relevant efforts aiming for positive change and progress to realise sustainable business practices.


We foster inclusive collaboration at GreenBuzz and through our activities, believing that only joint efforts can tackle the sustainability challenges of our time.



We believe in transparency towards ourselves, our network, our partners and society as a whole.



We want to stimulate innovative thinking and actions, both across and within sectors to accelerate the adoption and scaling of sustainable business practices.


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