GB_CV pics_SS-31 Did you know that 30% of carbon emissions are linked to buildings? Or that you spend about 90% of your time inside? And that by 2030, 40% of world´s population will need access to adequate housing? As the humanity is facing major global challenges, the construction industry too needs to change the way it is doing business and needs to take steps to review buildings and implement changes by applying the “tripple bottom line” approach.

Holger Hendrichs, Topic Lead – Building & Construction


Insights, further reading and interesting organisations

Ernst Schweizer AG, Future Camp, René Schmid Architekten

Innovation für das Gebäude der Zukunft with ETH Zurich and Ernst Schweizer AG, November 2016 – Presentations: Ernst Schweizer AG, ETH Zurich, Agitec, René Schmid Architekten, ewz

Sustainable Buildings and Construction with Ernst Schweizer AG, October 2015 – Snapshot: Sustainable buildings a big lever in the sustainability debate

Sustainability of solar energy – building sector with Ernst Schweizer and Swisssolar, October 2014