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New business models in sustainable energy
Sustainability in the food sector

Sustainability in multibillion dollar industries: Examples & lessons from the coffee & chocolate industry.

Hosted by GreenBuzz Amsterdam on Wednesday April 19th, 19:00 at De Tropen, Grand Café.

GreenBuzz Amsterdam wants to enable professionals to make sustainability the new norm in business and society through their daily work. We do this by organising network events, where professionals can meet, share their ideas and challenges and get inspired by pioneers from several industries.

Each event we organize focuses on a different industry. After fashion and electronics, the 19th of april we'll talk about sustainability in the food sector. We've gathered some inspiring speakers that will share the challenges and insights they encounter on their mission towards a sustainable food chain. 

Let’s inspire each other during this network event! 

We're proud to present the following three speakers:

Moyee Coffee, Solidaridad & The Chocolate Makers

Green Electronics

Green Electronics and Sustainable Technology (2017/01/19)

Conventional Electronics is the innovation of the late 20th century. They've innovated every part of our lives, not just in terms of our facebook addictions but also the production processes that they've automated. The rapid cycle with which electronics are replaced, however, leaves us with a big challange in terms of sustainability. Not only are eletronics impossible to recycle completely, they also end up polluting.

Sustainable Electronics is organized by GreenBuzz Amsterdam in order to give professionals such as yourself an insight into a different approach to electronics. We aim to inspire you and give you the tools to help your organizations make a difference. Additionally there is plenty of time to network to get to know people with your interests!

3 inspiring speakers from innovative companies in sustainable eletronics will give 7 minute talks about the topic. There will be time to discuss the topic with peers and ask questions.

Sustainable Fasion

20161001 Sustainable Fasion and Green Technology

Plastic Soup

20161215 Plastic Soup Surfer (Climate KIC special)