GreenBuzz network event – waste from problem to solution

GreenBuzz event on waste @ ABN-AMRO’s CIRCL

On 18 October 2017 GreenBuzz Amsterdam held its 5th network event. It was the first time that we held it at ABN-AMRO’s circular pavilion called CIRCL. A great event, full of networking – inspiring talks – beers and new motivation to tackle global challenges! At a GreenBuzz Amsterdam event you will never have a dull moment. We have short presentations, discussions and we shuffle people around in groups to work together on little challenges and of course to network. It is very easy to meet new people, get new ideas, ask for help and also help others for our project/business/career!

Marieke van Nood2Marieke van Nood  / Strategic advisor at AEB Amsterdam

I especially liked the little challenges we had to do it groups. It didn’t take much time, but it was fun to get to know each other and really was a relevant challenge!




Lars Haringa / Consultant at RiskQuest

This event was much more focused on impact than other network events where I have been. It really helps to make a difference!




The presentations

2017-10-18 19.56.45

This time, we talked about waste. An everyday problem which becomes more and more urgent. We were happy that we had such inspiring and creative speakers. Two women who work every day on making a change, on finding solutions to the waste problem and on inspiring others to do so.

Marieke van Nood2Marieke van Nood is strategic sustainability advisor at AEB – one of the biggest waste and energy company in the Netherlands. It was really interesting to learn about the complexity behind the recycling and reusing process of waste. The transition towards a circular economy, depends on several drivers, like technological breakthroughs, CO2 prices, policy etc.

Marieke’s biggest question was: what will help more? When we push initiatives that are small and local but causes relatively high awareness or less “sexy” process changes like AEB does? The latter is effective since it handles big amounts of waste, but doesn’t have much awareness. A question that still stands and maybe there is no final answer for this.


Ieva PunyteThe second speaker fitted into this comparison of Marieke: Ieva Punyte responsible for CITIES Foundation’s communications and international partnerships. She inspired us with an active and energetic talk about how the work method at CITIES – tackling a global issue, talking to people on a local level, analyzing the system, developing collective intelligence – changes the system.

One of such examples is WASTED a project that was initiated in Amsterdam North. It’s an initiative that incentives households to separate unwanted plastics, glass, paper and textiles. For their positive behavior WASTED members are rewarded with digital coins that they can exchange for discounts and benefits at local businesses. The project has already changed behavior – people became more conscious about their waste disposal and management, plus more than a quarter of participants involved started using less plastics.

The groups: from plastic bottles to coffee cups


We of course would like that people really meet new people, get new ideas and help each other out. This is why we divide everyone in groups, with names as: the plastic bottle group, the coffee cups, the straws etc.. Each group got a waste challenge, like reducing the coffee cups waste at companies. After a short pitch of each group, the jury – Marieke and Ieva – appointed a winner.

Impact cards

Because we want people to focus on making a change, we gave them impact cards. On these cards, people could write their expertise/or their contacts etc. what they can give to others. It is an easy way to ask for help and to help others. Many people realized they actually have a lot to offer and for others is made it easier to ask for advice.

Impact cards


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