We made it!

Our launch event on 22 October 2020 on the topic of Circular Economy, Future Regulatory Changes and Economic Impacts, was an evening of valuable insights from experts of various fields to an engaging audience.

The hybrid of physical and online presence for the event worked seamlessly. For that, we have Impact Hub Bern to thank for their professionalism and expertise.

We also thank the speakers, panelists and moderator for devoting their time to share their insights on the topic of Circular Economy.

All our effort would have equalled to nothing without the support of participants who attended the event. For that, we thank you sincerely for taking time and making the effort to join our event, both on site and via Zoom.

We at GreenBuzz Bern have ambitions to promote sustainable finance and sustainability regulations, and we have taken the first step with this event. As we currently define the topics for our events and activities in 2021, we will be keeping you posted in the coming weeks/ months.

We want to strengthen our network, and if you are keen to be part of it, please contact us to:

Become a member — adeline.choo@greenbuzz.global

Become a partner — irena.belceva@greenbuzz.global

Become a speaker — benita.dreesen@greenbuzz.global

For now, GreenBuzz Bern wish you a healthy and warm winter ahead.