GreenBuzz is a global network of sustainability professionals with chapters in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Amsterdam and Berlin.

We are a cross-sectoral network of sustainability professionals who drive sustainability forward from within organizations, businesses, corporates, start-ups etc.


Our Vision

GreenBuzz is a global movement and its community of business professionals lead the way into a future where sustainability is the new normal in business & society.


Our Mission

GreenBuzz Bern empowers sustainability professionals across sectors to push sustainability forward in society, business and politics.


Bern is Buzzing – with sustainability events!

GreenBuzz Bern focuses on two axes with exciting implications for industry, governments, and the world at large. These two vital areas of work and research are Sustainable Financing and Sustainable Regulation. They are the engines that enable sustainability on a broad, highly significant level. Giving commercial concerns and governments the framework to cooperate successfully with improved results for all.

At GreenBuzz Bern, we organise thematic events, workshops and informal drinks for sustainability professionals from across different sectors.



We’re looking for people to help us in our mission. Please contact us if you feel you could help us along the way!