“That intrinsic motivation gives us credibility and jives with the motivation of all Buzzers – we want to drive sustainability ahead.”

We are a diverse, international, complementary, committed team of sustainability professionals and are deeply rooted in the sustainability scene. We devote our expertise and spare time to keep the GreenBuzz community buzzing.

Reach us at bern@greenbuzz.global – let’s hear your ideas, questions, inputs!

Meet the Team

Lukas Oechslin
Sustainability expert and historian, currently working for the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) at the University of Bern in the field of Education & Training for Sustainable Development
Corina Helfenstein
Changemaker and sustainability consultant, currently working at myclimate and member and president of the youth driven social enterprise euforia. Also a dedicated entrepreneur active in the field of education for sustainable development.
Anne Berger
Environmental scientist committed to the health of the world in which her children are growing up, with a special focus on agriculture. Convinced that connecting and listening to people is one of the key aspects of Sustainable Development.
Ville Heimgartner
Sustainability expert with hands-on industry and consulting experience in places such as China, India, Mexico and Europe. Currently CSR Manager at ImagineCargo. Also a dedicated entrepreneur committed to social and ecological ventures.
Juliet Blum

An expert in biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable finance, Juliet has made it her mission to explore and promote the ways in which finance can work in favour of nature conservation and sustainable development.

Thematic Lead
We still look for dedicated people to join the team!