“That intrinsic motivation gives us credibility and jives with the motivation of all Buzzers – we want to drive sustainability forward.”

We are a diverse, complementary and committed team of sustainability professionals. We devote our expertise and spare time to keep the GreenBuzz community buzzing.

You can reach us at bern@greenbuzz.global – let’s hear your ideas, questions, inputs!

Meet the Team
Juliet Blum
Core Team & Board Member

Juliet is a biodiversity and ecosystems expert with sound knowledge on sustainable finance. She has been working toward promoting global climate action and environmental sustainability through private sector finance and development cooperation. Juliet is driven by her deep passion for the natural environment and is devoted to finding innovative solutions for the world's most pressing sustainability issues.

Benita Dreesen
Core Team & Board Member

For more than 25 years, Benita has been active in strategic communications and sustainability. She serves as a consultant, speaker, and writer across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Benita is known for closely following developments on the sustainability front at the EU Parliament and EU Commissions. She holds certifications in sustainability from Columbia University and Stanford University. Benita just spent 3 years at a leading European multinational to develop sustainability plans for Africa.

Corina Helfenstein
Co-Founder, Advisor

Corina is a passionate changemaker and has been working as a sustainability consultant for several years. Currently, she works for an agency in the field of mobility and exchange. Corina is also a member and president of the youth driven social enterprise step into action in the field of education for sustainable development.

Lukas Oechslin
Co-Founder, Advisor

Lukas is a passionate Historian as well as a sustainability expert. Having studied Sustainable Development on different academic levels (BA, MA, CAS) and worked in Education for Sustainability for many years, he is now putting his knowledge into practice in the fields of Mobility, Health and Education - together with his colleagues at Interface


Want to join? We are currently looking for two volunteers to join our team: A communications lead and an events manager. Write us an E-mail and we'll get in touch!