“That intrinsic motivation gives us credibility and jives with the motivation of all Buzzers – we want to drive sustainability ahead.”

We are a diverse, complementary and committed team of sustainability champions and are deeply rooted in the sustainability scene. We devote our expertise and spare time to keep the GreenBuzz community buzzing.

Reach us at bern@greenbuzz.global – let’s hear your ideas, questions, inputs!

Meet the Team

Corina Helfenstein
Co-Founder, Social media

Corina is a passionate changemaker and has been working as a sustainability consultant for several years. Currently, she works for an agency in the field of mobility and exchange. Corina is also a member and president of the youth driven social enterprise step into action in the field of education for sustainable development.

Anne Berger
Co-Founder, Events and Administration

Anne has a scientific background and a CAS in sustainable development with focus on sustainable consumption and production: She's currently working as a translator, mostly for environmental organisations. Her commitment to GreenBuzz aims to raise consciousness that mankind has to transform today’s system based on exploitation of other human beings and natural resources, for the sake and the love of our children and our Earth.

Juliet Blum
Partnership management

Juliet is a biodiversity and ecosystems expert with sound knowledge on sustainable finance. She has been working toward promoting global climate action and environmental sustainability through private sector finance and development cooperation. Juliet is driven by her deep passion for the natural environment and is devoted to finding innovative solutions for the world's most pressing sustainability issues.

Lukas Oechslin
Co-Founder, President, Moderation

Lukas is a passionate Historian as well as a sustainability expert. Having studied Sustainable Development on different academic levels (BA, MA, CAS) and worked in Education for Sustainability for many years, he is now putting his knowledge into practice in the fields of Mobility, Health and Education - together with his colleagues at Interface
Being convinced that a sustainable future is only possible by means of a transformation of society as a whole, he is invested in fostering individual potential for positive change.

Thematic Lead

Want to join? We are always looking for dedicated people to join the team!