A big thank you for helping us make GreenBuzz an integral part of the Zurich sustainability landscape. The development and professionalization of these services has been driven by volunteer troops and a part-time Managing Buzzer. Help us maintain a sound financial footing. Let’s keep the Buzz alive and thriving.

GreenBuzz Supportership – your vessel to support GreenBuzz! Vessel

Get engaged today and help us reach our goal of 150 supporters this summer: With CHF 150 a year – that is only CHF 12 or 3 cups of coffee per month (if you avoid pricey lattes) – you enable us to grow the Buzz in Zurich.

AND for any additional donation of your choice between CHF 1-349 you get:

  • Permanent personalised nametag at our events
  • Free entrance to all regular 8-10 GreenBuzz events per year (exceptions such as dinners, special workshops etc. can apply)

For generous donors with additional contributions CHF 350+:

  • We organise an annual appreciation evening with the GreenBuzz team
  • We engrave your name on the GreenBuzzer
  • We optionally build your professional profile to our website / newsletter

You can become a supporter on our Summer campaign page using PayPal.

If you don’t like PayPal, you can also reach us directly through our bank account: IBAN CH52 0839 0032 5142 1010 2, Alternative Bank Schweiz, Bank clearing number: 8390; Green Buzz, Obere Zäune 16, CH-8001, Zurich or buy a supportership at one of our events:

Ville Heimgartner becomes the first GreenBuzz supporter 2.0 at our event at Jacobs Foundation: “I support GreenBuzz. I want to contribute my share toward running this organization, which has established itself as the leading network for sustainability professionals in Zurich.”