Why GreenBuzz

We believe that the only way to a sustainable future is a new mindset in business and society. At the same time we see a significant number of individuals who want to move sustainability ahead in their daily jobs. Such a “movement from within” can change even large organisations.

But considering that sustainability is not yet the norm in most organisations, our mission is to enable professionals, who seek motivation, knowledge and skills to make sustainability the new normal in business and society.

Our Activities

Most sustainability champions experience regular pushbacks, lack information and motivation that would help them be more effective in pushing sustainability ahead. We believe that by a regular exchange with like-minded individuals from the same and other sectors they can team up, get a regular boost in motivation, and share ideas and knowledge.

GreenBuzz provides just that: We build a local community by organising peer-to-peer events for existing and future sustainability champions to meet, network, build motivation, get new ideas, and learn from each other.