While globalisation opens up possibilities for worldwide trading, it also puts pressure on the environment. The food we consume in Switzerland come from all over the world and are produced by farmers in other countries, or even on other continents.

Increased awareness of issues with long-distance transportation within the food industry, together with a larger focus on individual health and wellbeing, creates a demand for new, sustainable products and services on the market. However, the needs of immediate access of products like food and convenient purchase and delivery processes require customized products that takes the aspect of hard-working, busy people’s everyday life into account.

During the three-week design thinking project at ETH Zurich, we designed a solution for the following problem statement and archetype:

35 year old Busy-B, a full-time businessman, needs access to healthy, easily-processed ingredients when he wants, because he identifies himself as a healthy person but does not have time / experience in complex cooking.

The solution, MobiChef, is a network of electric, driverless cars that connects you with the local farmer. With this concept, you can get locally produced and processed food delivered right to your doorstep. How nice, convenient and fresh, wouldn’t it be to order and enjoy a rich, creamy pumpkin soup, consisting solely of local produce, immediately when you come home after a long day of work?

Read more about the design thinking project at ETH and SparkLabs in Zurich via our report in the link HERE!

Team Buzy Beez
Sara Kinell
Tobias Grundmann
Tham Jun Han
Julian Kornprobst