Meet Yulia.

” I was always interested in sustainability. It’s simply how I like to live my life: trying to stay conscious of the impact my decisions and way of life have on the people around me and on the world.  

Eleven years ago, I came to Switzerland with a goal to complete my MBA and with a mind made up that the next phase of my career would focus on working with companies that understood and embraced the responsibility they had towards the footprint their core business activities left behind – be it environmental or social. Although it took me a while to find my way into the sustainability sector (I worked for many years in business development first), I eventually did, and had the opportunity to set up from scratch the Corporate Sustainability department at a top Swiss bank. For the last few years, I was responsible for managing the whole spectrum of its sustainability activities: from integration of the topic into the company’s core business, to development of supplier standards, to community engagement programmes, and managing the corporate environmental footprint.

“It’s amazing how many young and motivated people bursting with entrepreneurial spirit one meets in the sustainability space!”

Outside of work, I regularly volunteer at a social enterprise that aims to revolutionize the chocolate industry – Choba Choba AG. They are working on scaling up, so I help them in any way I can to get them closer to their goal.  

I have been going to GreenBuzz events in Zurich from the very beginning. The events and topics discussed are so varied that regardless of which industry one works at, you are able to find the content that could be applied to your company. Also, it’s amazing how many young and motivated people bursting with entrepreneurial spirit one meets in the sustainability space! It has always fascinated me how incredibly open the sustainability community is and how it promotes a highly collaborative environment. Everyone knows that we are all working towards the common good so this creates an atmosphere of openness.  

Becoming a GreenBuzz Connect Member was an easy decision, because it allows me to directly tap into the network and build partnerships with peers working in sustainability even more effectively. It also keeps me up-to-date on the broad range of topics that I am interested in – from the sustainable production of cocoa, the reduction of plastic waste in oceans, to sustainable fashion and social entrepreneurship.”

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