The climate change movement has given us all a powerful awareness of the crisis facing humanity, but good communication is necessary to mobilize people to act. 

For a variety of reasons, people and organisations want to know about the impact of their personal and business activities, and would like to make informed choices. There is also a huge amount of scientific research about what good choices look like, but corporate communications strategies often do not integrate the latest data about human behaviour and decision making.

Does your organisation struggle to develop and decide on an effective communication plan? Has your company or organization recently implemented sustainability initiatives, or is it planning to do so in the near future? Join this event to discuss the following questions:

  • Do businesses effectively capitalise on scientific knowledge to effectively communicate and promote sustainable products and services?
  • How can we overcome ‘sustainability fatigue’ brought upon by the abundance of sustainability messages and greenwashing?
  • How can we engage the public successfully and at the same time include our other stakeholders?

This event addresses the topic of how organizations can effectively communicate sustainability topics to their different stakeholders. The focus lies on external stakeholders such as the public, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

Why this event is unique:

This event brings together insights from science with practical applications and experiences from the business world. Speakers include experts from communication science, behavioral economics, PR and advertising agencies, and the corporate world. State-of-the-art scientific knowledge about communication is rarely integrated quickly into business practices, and the aim of this event is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice.

If you love to learn from other people’s mistakes, join us for this workshop, including breakfast. Learn which communication strategies have worked and which haven’t, and why.

Who it is for:

  1. Communications professionals
  2. Sustainability professionals
  3. Professionals running public campaigns

Event Programme:

07:45 – 08:15 Registration and light breakfast

08:15 – 08:30 Welcome by Lena Stüdeli from GreenBuzz and moderator Simon Sudbury 

08:30 – 09:40 Dr. Philipp Bachmann, senior research and teaching associate in media and communication studies at the University of Zurich (UZH)

08:40 – 08:50 Margreet Groot, Cocoa Life communications lead for Mondelez International 

08:50 – 09:00 Andreas Renggli, Polarstern AG communication agency

09:00 – 09:10   Manuela Huck Wettstein, Sustainserv  ““How can we overcome ‘sustainability fatigue’ 

09:10 – 09:30 Speakers from industry (TBA)

09:30 – 09:45 Moderated Q&A

09:45 – 10:30 Informal networking / buzzing, including a small brunch

What: Workshop

When: Thursday, September 26th 2019

Where: TBA