We are delighted to announce that Kopter Group AG have joined us as our newest partner. We are looking forward to working with them and supporting them in advancing their sustainability agenda!

Read this short interview with Laurent Müller, Head of Programs Management Office at Kopter Group AG, about their reasons for joining GreenBuzz and their sustainability goals:

What made you join GreenBuzz?

GreenBuzz offers a unique opportunity to exchange and learn from other Sustainability Professionals. Their events and initiatives deliver valuable knowledge to support the development of Sustainability at Kopter. Through the participation of our employees in these events, we want to accelerate the creation of a sustainability mindset in our company.

What does sustainability mean to Kopter?

Sustainability is increasingly important for all companies. We all have to actively address society’s key challenges, wherever we can. Sustainability is equally a lever to ensure our business success in the long term. Therefore, this summer Kopter decided to create a Sustainability Office to introduce and lead sustainability initiatives throughout our activities.

What is Kopter’s sustainability goal?

Sustainability goals can only be reached if most of our employees understand the benefits of sustainability. Therefore, we have launched Quick-Win Projects aiming at developing a sustainability mindset in our company and encourage employees to progressively integrate sustainability in their daily work. In a second step, we will define goals for our operations, products and services.