As the year is coming to an end, we have finalized our impact measurement project and are excited to share the results with you! The project was designed and implemented by our Impact Measuerement Lead Robin Weisser.

Overall, our network rates the work of GreenBuzz as important and impactful! Some of our findings include:

– We have a highly diverse network with professionals from all industries & sectors.
– GreenBuzz Members and Event Participants show a high level of seniority & experience.
– Knowledge-Sharing and Networking are the two most important priorities to our network – supported by the fact that our thematic events that combine knowledge transfer with networking are our most popular event format!

We have taken into account all the results and have worked hard to already implement some changes according to what we have learnt. Want to find out what we have planned for 2021?

You can find the full impact report and some more information here.