Meet Maria Cristina Nieddu🌏, our volunteer for Content Performance & Analytics. Cristina is an experienced online travel manager & hospitality expert with a passion for sustainability, business and strategy. She supports us with her analytical skills, mostly in content performance management. We asked her the following questions:

Why did you choose to join the GreenBuzz Zurich team and what role do you play within the organisation?

I would rather say it was GreenBuzz choosing me. GreenBuzz is an excellent environment to discuss sustainability and long-term growth. The interesting set of themes addressed, along with the expertise of the professionals joining the events, captured my attention and made it impossible not to join!

In your opinion, what do you see as the biggest challenge for sustainability within your industry? 

In the Tourism industry, Sustainability revolves around genuine interest in the local communities, cultural and natural heritage. These experiences are more profound and deserve time. That is why they are often associated with a higher financial investment and attract fewer conscious travellers. The challenge is to change the perception and increase convenience for a bigger market share, while highlighting global awareness around tourism. What is a positive development within your industry with regards to sustainability (either a solution to the above-mentioned challenge or a future outlook towards positive change)?

Luckily, sustainable tourism start-ups are already working on the solution, along with big players adding “green” tools for travellers to understand the environmental impact of their trip. On top of that, academic and public institutions are increasing their support in education and regulations towards positive change. 

Join us for our events to discuss sustainability challenges and solutions within the tourism industry and beyond with Cristina and others!