We kicked off 2021 with a night filled with inspirational stories and hope for a decade of change. Eight great speakers from different areas of sustainability shared their experiences and discussed with participants how to take the first steps towards more sustainability within their company or community.

To name just a few of our outstanding speakers, Marie Griesmar provided insight into her work with rrreefs, where she builds modular reef bricks made from clay to provide surfaces for baby corals to settle and grow on, serve as a habitat to sea creatures and act as coastal protection barriers. Barbara Luchsinger told the story of how she single handedly turned around the sustainability strategy at Energie 360°. And Anian Schreiber shared his experiences of swimming against the stream in the cocoa industry with Koa, where he made what was said to be impossible, possible.

The inputs by Frederic Haas, Res Witschi, Vanessa Rueber, Pauline Treis and Matthias Narr tied in perfectly with the evening’s theme – the experiences they shared were as diverse as they were inspiring. You can check out all of our speakers here or watch their inputs on our youtube channel!

A big thank you to everyone who took part! This event has shown us that – despite the common zoom fatigue –  virtual events can indeed also be inspiring. Your great work and enthusiasm for sustainability really set the right tone for a fresh start into the new year!We look forward to seeing you at our next events! Check out what we’ve got planned for you here.