Meet the GreenBuzz Zurich Volunteer Team!

We are proud to have a great and diverse team of sustainability professionals supporting our activities with their expert knowledge.

Meet Alexie Duncker Grosse, our Topic Lead for Hospitality & Tourism. Alexie has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a background in management and business development. In new projects, she always prioritizes positive impact and sustainability.

Why did you choose to join the GreenBuzz Zurich team and what role do you play within the organisation?

Falko introduced GreenBuzz to me, speaking very highly of the community and team as well as the events. As I was looking to become a part of the sustainability sphere in Zurich, I was warmly welcomed by Lena, who offered me the opportunity to contribute to the work of GreenBuzz. No chance to refuse! That’s how I took on the tourism and hospitality sector. The expertise and the people I meet never cease to amaze me.

In your opinion, what do you see as the biggest challenge for sustainability within your industry? 

In an industry characterised as an experience provider, there is a tendency to neglect its impact. I wish for long-term approaches and the use of tourism as a force for good: the sector should not neglect its power of influence. Covid has shown the dependence of some economies to tourism, the need for diversified business models and resilience.

And on a more optimistic note, what is a positive development within your industry with regards to sustainability (either a solution to the above-mentioned challenge or a future outlook towards positive change)? 

The good news is that sustainability is gaining visibility in general: consumers will increasingly look to doing good. Covid has hurt but has also emphasized on the underlying solidarity and local initiatives within the industry. I am hopeful that this will remain; that entrepreneurs and smaller businesses will lead the shift.