Meet the GreenBuzz Volunteer Team!

We are proud to have a great and diverse team of sustainability professionals supporting our activities with their expert knowledge.

Meet Marco Buscemi, our marketing and communications specialist. Marco is an experienced marketing and communications expert with a passion for sustainability, business and transformation. He supports us with his strategic marketing and operational management skills.

Why did you choose to join the GreenBuzz Zurich team and what role do you play within the organisation?

In my search to deepen my knowledge in the very broad field of sustainability I was looking for opportunities to meet professionals in this area to learn about the various topics and share views in an informal setting. From my first event with GreenBuzz in February 2020 I’ve been joining all events noticing my growing engagement that brought me in supporting the team as a volunteer in the Communications area.

In your opinion, what do you see as the biggest challenge for sustainability within your industry? 

The biggest challenge I see is going from global goals to individual actions and making sustainability a personal matter. It’s the “Call to Action” for the sustainability aspects that majorly resonates with each individual in the various roles they hold, contexts the operate and communities they live.

And on a more optimistic note, what is a positive development within your industry with regards to sustainability (either a solution to the above-mentioned challenge or a future outlook towards positive change)?

It’s the shift in the narrative: solutions are being offered, showcasing its potential positive impact whilst pointing out the issues!