What does a career in sustainability look like? Of course, there is no one answer to this question and the vastness and vagueness of this field can be challenging for aspiring sustainability professionals. Following up after our event on careers in sustainability careers, we are sharing our guest speakers’ advice & perspectives on working in sustainability. Here is what Ladina Schröter from Planted has to say:

What were your initial career aspirations? How do they tie in with what you do now?

I never had a clear vision of what my career would be. What can seem like a disadvantage also provided me with the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arose.

Do you remember a specific pivotal moment or inspirational person that guided you towards sustainability?

For me, there wasn’t really a pivotal moment or person that guided me towards sustainability. I think the wish to contribute to something useful in my career just accompanied me all along. And that ‘something useful’ in today’s world pretty much has to mean working toward a more sustainable future.

What piece of advice would you have liked to receive at the beginning of your career?

I’d like to think I am still at the beginning of my career. But if I look a few years back it would probably be: Don’t think you need to accomplish everything all at once.