March 17th –

We are delighted to announce Smartenergy as our newest partner! 

We have had a partnership in the form of a corporate membership for the past three years and are excited to take this next step and welcome Smartenergy as one of our main partners alongside WWF Switzerland, the One Planet Lab, Vontobel and HSG.

Smartenergy, founded in 2011, is a private investment firm headquartered in Switzerland that focuses on investments in renewable energy and related ventures with the goal of advancing the energy transition and investing in a sustainable future.

Specialized in the development of solar, wind power and green hydrogen projects, Smartenergy identifies gaps and lock-in business opportunities by anticipating market trends and stakeholder needs.

With Smartenergy, we have a partner that is strong along the whole energy value chain and we are looking forward to building an even closer relationship with Smartenergy in the upcoming years and to co-creating impact in the renewable energy field! 

This October, we will host our first joint thematic event together. Stay tuned for more details!