April 13th –

We are excited to introduce our newest corporate member to you: Kieger AG!

Kieger AG is an independent asset management firm that designs solutions for clients who care about making a positive difference towards a more sustainable world. Based on the values of generosity, positive difference and thoroughness, Kieger strives for holistic solutions for their clients that truly move everyone involved forward.

“At Kieger, we are committed to contributing to a brighter future through sustainable operations & investing practices. Our motivation is clear: we want our children’s and grandchildren’s world to be better than the one we inhabit. We integrate sustainability considerations into our investment processes and strive to transparently communicate our journey towards a better world. To care is deeply engrained in our origins. For us, caring is an all-encompassing spirit, capturing the thought and attention that we give to both our clients, and to the world at large. It is an expression of our continuous endeavor to make a positive difference through everything we do.” – Kieger AG

We are looking forward to collaborating! Stay tuned for future joint events!