May 19th –

We are delighted to introduce our newest corporate member to you: Azzera!

Azzera is a Swiss-Canadian start-up that is committed to supporting an effortless response to climate change. Their goal is to offer high quality & high impact service whether companies are required to comply with a carbon compliance scheme, are subject to upcoming legislation, or simply want to immediately act against climate change. Azzera offers retail, brokerage and trade solutions to access the voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

Regarding the partnership with GreenBuzz Azzera states the following: 

“Azzera’s goal in joining GreenBuzz is to elevate our learning and listen to the community. As founders, we have over 25 years in private aviation and want to bring sustainability to this market. We hope that through our membership in GreenBuzz, we can create a pathway for our employees to network with like-minded people, challenge our processes and create a continuously improving organization.”

We are looking forward to the partnership and collaboration! Welcome to the buzz!

Learn more about Azzera on their website.