November 23rd –

We are excited to introduce our newest corporate member to you: BDO!

We asked BDO why they chose to become a corporate member of GreenBuzz. They said:

“Sustainability is a challenging and a fast-evolving topic. Partnering with GreenBuzz, a dynamic and diverse sustainability network that stands for passion and innovation, supports us in our own journey and enables us to drive the sustainability agenda onwards. Furthermore, GreenBuzz’s events and its inspiring community are great resources for us to learn from. This is why we are making them accessible to our employees, to ensure that the sustainability knowledge spreads across BDO as a company, way beyond our sustainability team.” 

As one of the leading audit, business services and advisory firms in Switzerland, BDO also offers services to clients to successfully implement their sustainability strategies. Through its

expertise in reporting, assurance, financial services and regulatory & compliance, BDO assists companies in doing business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

They elaborate on their sustainability commitment and journey:

“At BDO we are proud of what we have achieved in terms of sustainability in the last 10 years: we have become climate neutral, continuously reducing our CO2 emissions and compensating the rest. We invest in the next generation and in future skills with our education programs, and some of our current focus areas are the topics diversity and inclusion. We know that sustainability is a journey and we are working on all its dimensions with a lot of passion and commitment. However, we believe that we can achieve the greatest positive impact on society and on our planet by taking our customers along with us on this journey. Our aim is to help them reach their sustainability objectives by sharing our passion with them as part of our sustainability services and beyond.” 

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Welcome to the Buzz! We are looking forward to our joint activities in the future!