The B.Change Programme brings sustainability professionals together, in order to solve sustainability challenges.

While Greenbuzz Events are great for learning, networking and inspiration, the B.Change Programme is for those wanting more pro-active and focused problem-solving around sustainability-related projects, challenges and initiatives. You may want to attend to get input in how to solve sustainability challenges at work, develop knowledge and skills, and to meet others who could benefit from your personal expertise and knowledge.

We receive numerous requests for recommendations, help and input on various topics around sustainability. The B.Change Programme is our answer to these growing requests.

Sessions in the B.Change Programme are designed according to the needs of our participants, encouraging active engagement, group-problem-solving and an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship.

Making this world more sustainable is a team effort that requires benevolent collaboration. As a group, we can help each other gain momentum and stay motivated. 

How to join

We host sessions that start on a regular basis around sustainability in general, or around more specific topics. Each session includes six to 10 participants that work together over a period of six to eight months, and involves a commitment to attend a lunch meeting once per month during the duration of the session. To ensure your spot in one of our upcoming sessions, please fill out the form below and let us know about your motivation for attending.

Apply to Join

Our next B.Change session starts on October 30th. Read more about it here.