Dear Buzzers!

Here is some useful information on what membership plans we have, how you use your discounts and what you can use them for.


How can you redeem your free tickets & discounts?

All GreenBuzz members get a certain number of free tickets to our events and a subsequent discount (see table below for details about number of free tickets and amount of discounts per membership type).

Redeeming your free tickets:

You redeem your free tickets by using your personal ‘Promotional Code’, which is always your email address (the one you used when subscribing as a GreenBuzz Member).

Receiving your discounts:

Once you used up all your free tickets for the year, you have a discount on all subsequent tickets (this does not apply to Green Members who have an unlimited number of free tickets). Contact us at if you forgot your discount code.


What can you use your free tickets & discounts for?

Free tickets can be redeemed for all thematic events & unconferences.

Free tickets cannot be redeemed for workshops, special events (i.e. Christmas Dinner, Excursions, Summer Party) & free informal events.

Discounts can be used for all thematic events, unconferences, and workshops.

Discounts cannot be used for special events (i.e. Christmas Dinner, Excursions, Summer Party).


Overview of Our Membership Plans

Benefits Friend MemberConnect Member Green Member
Free tickets to THEMATIC EVENTS & UNCONFERENCES12Unlimited
Discount on tickets to THEMATIC EVENTS & UNCONFERENCES when free tickets are used up25% 50% 
Discount on WORKSHOPSYesYesFree
Give-away tickets – –4 extra free tickets
Personalized badgeYesYesYes
Member only event access –YesYes
Featured on website – –Yes (if desired)
Costs95 chf per year195 chf per year295 chf per year


In case you have further questions, please contact us at!