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Virtual Thematic Event: Careers in Sustainability – Stories from Sustainability Professionals

31st May 2022, 16:00 - 18:00


Are you interested in a career in sustainability? Would you like to create positive change in your job? Or are you simply interested in learning about other people’s sustainability journey? We were delighted to partner with HSG’s MBA programme to inspire students and professionals to pursue a career with a positive impact.

Demand for sustainable careers is on the rise. A trend that will only increase this year. We currently see an unprecedented number of companies and institutions making commitments to cut emissions or become more sustainable. All of them will have to come up with concrete action plans to make those commitments a reality soon and they won’t be able to do it alone!

At this thematic event we were joined by the MBA program of the University of St. Gallen to get inspired by and for careers in sustainability. Together, we addressed questions, such as: What does a career in sustainability look like? What possibilities are there? How do I educate myself and take the first steps? How can I get the courage to do what I know to be right?

In this interactive online event, we heared stories from people who work in sustainability, who come from different backgrounds and work in different fields / sectors, including large companies, financial institutions, NGOs and startups. The guest speakers shared their reasons for choosing that path, the hurdles and challenges that they faced and how they managed to overcome them.

Our Key-Note Speaker:

  • Karin Reiter, Global Head of ESG/Sustainability at The Adecco Group

Our Panelists: