Speed sustainability progress through peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing. GreenBusiness Sprints are problem solving group sessions customized to the problem owner’s challenge, curated & facilitated by GreenBuzz.

“It is very valuable to have experienced sustainability professionals critique our approach. “ – Yannic Steffan, Head of Sustainability Management at Valora

This is how it works
  1. Your company approaches GreenBuzz with a specific sustainability challenge (e.g. a current need, a problem, a roadblock, topic or expertise input, product or service development). 
  2. GreenBuzz supports you in formulating your challenge.
  3. According to the problem at hand, GreenBuzz puts together a group session to solve it. 
  4. GreenBuzz hand picks the group members for the session, making sure the right expertise and experience for the problem at hand is in the room. Group size: 5 max 
  5. GreenBuzz plans, schedules, facilitates and leads the session.
  6. After the session, GreenBuzz follows up with you to check if your needs were met and the problem was solved. There is an option to have a virtual follow-up to track progress and keep connected with the group who are all working in this area. 
  7. GreenBuzz uses its communication channels to share success stories and give the problem owner more visibility (if wished).
Session Format

We use an intervision format, that ensures the exact discussion is framed, all inputs are heard and there is a positive action oriented outcome. The meetings take place under Chatham House Rules. This means that by participating in you agree to protect the identities of the other participants.

Why with GreenBuzz?

Through our diverse network, we have access to 3,500+ changemakers and sustainability experts from across all sectors and backgrounds. Therefore, we can match problem owners with people / peers they wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with. Furthermore, the participants of our group sessions are not consultants (except when it makes sense) but actual practitioners working on the same or similar challenges, problems, issues as you as the problem owners. This makes them the perfect sparring partners. 

GreenBuzz has over 10 years of experience in running events and workshops with a strong focus on corporate sustainability

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Johannes Pokorny,
Managing Director, GreenBuzz Zurich
André Jooste,
Partner Relations, GreenBuzz Zurich

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