What is a GreenBuzz Thematic Event?

The aim of a thematic event is to bring together people from different industries and sectors to discuss a sustainability topic. The speakers at a thematic event should give short (max. 10 minutes) and powerful inputs based on their knowledge, and these inputs should trigger dialogue (and hopefully new ways of thinking) about the topic. The formal inputs shouldn’t take more than an hour. The real ‘buzzing’ comes afterward, when people can connect with each other to discuss their different perspectives.

How to Organize a GreenBuzz Thematic Event

Events are best organised in teams of 2 or 3 people. Teams can help to support each other and motivate each other in the organisation. Ideally try to find a partner or a small team and work together.

Motivation Check

What’s your motivation for organizing a GreenBuzz event? 

Do organise a GreenBuzz event if you:

  • feel passionate about a sustainability topic, and you want to stimulate dialogue about it.
  • want to gain some experience in event organisation and / or facilitation
  • want to contribute to a non-profit organisation that you believe in (GreenBuzz)
  • want to build your network in a particular sustainability field (getting involved and being proactive is a great way to do so!). 

Don’t organise a GreenBuzz event if you:

  • want to make money. All proceeds from GreenBuzz events are re-invested in creating more impact.
  • your main motivation is to promote your work as a consultant. Of course you are welcome to organise a GreenBuzz event if you are a consultant, but we want to avoid that GreenBuzz events have a marketing ‘feel’.
  • don’t have time to live up to the commitment of organising an event.

Still interested? This is how event organisation normally works…

6+ months before the event

  1. Identify a relevant topic. Sources of good topics could come from:
    • You and your sustainability passion!
    • The news
    • Scientific literature
    • Somebody working at a company who is facing a sustainability challenge
    • An expert in a specific field, who knows about the challenges faced in their industry
  2. Find one or two key speakers who could contribute expertise on your topic. Be brave when looking for speakers! Reach out to experts based on their LinkedIn profiles, their job profiles on their company websites, or through word of mouth. Most people feel flattered to be asked to contribute their expertise for a good cause!

3 – 6 months before the event

  1. Once you have the commitment of at least one key speaker, find an event location and fix a date (the event should take place 3 – 6 months in the future from this point). Event locations may be available through existing GreenBuzz partners. Alternatively, approach companies or organisations for which the event theme is relevant, and ask them to donate space (and if possible event catering).
  2. Look for additional speakers to fill out the program. GreenBuzz events typically have 3 – 5 speakers. If possible, find speakers from a range of backgrounds (research, government, industry, non-profit, etc.). It’s good if the speakers have different opinions on the topic.
  3. Write an event description (it can be general to start, and you can fill in the details as the event comes together).
  4. Ask the GreenBuzz team to publish the event and open registrations.
  5. Look for event sponsors (optional). You might find sponsors through formal corporate sponsorship programmes, or by reaching out to companies that are engaged in the theme. If you are keen to find sponsors, ask the GreenBuzz team for help.

1-3 months before the event

  1. Finalize the event programme. Get commitments from the remaining speakers.
  2. Create some interesting content to market the event on social media.
  3. Discuss catering for the event with the GreenBuzz team.

1 month before the event

  1. Make sure there are enough volunteers to help out at the event (GreenBuzz helps with this).
  2. Promote the event together with GreenBuzz.
  3. Get ready for the big event day, and enjoy the rewards of all your efforts!

What kind of support can you expect from GreenBuzz?

GreenBuzz has detailed documents that outline all the finer points of event organisation. We will share these documents with you, and support you as you go through the different steps of the process. We are also available to help and support you by phone, by email, or with face-to-face meetings. Just ask if you have any questions!