Social Innovation: How companies can work with refugees, February 2017
Innovation und neue Energien für das Gebäude der Zukunft, November 2016
Creating a Sustainable Food Future, Impact Hub Zurich, October 2016
Experience Excursion: Hydroelectric Power Plant in Grimsel & Rhone Glacier, August 2016
Summer Party at the SUSI Partner’s terrace, July 2016
Gender Equality: How it Matters to Businesses and Sustainability, RobecoSAM, April 2016

GreenBuzz and RobecoSAM invited professionals to discuss whether and how gender equality matters to businesses and sustainable economic and social development. Investor perspective by introducing the latest research of RobecoSAM were complemented by practical experiences of company and social development representatives.


Round Table on Sustainable Fashion, Jungle Folk, March 2016

Buzzers exchanged with the people behind important players in Zürich’s sustainable fashion scene.This was a chance both for the cloth marks and buzzers to give your input both from a professional and consumer perspective and to co-create new solutions for sustainable fashion.


New Year’s apéro on Impact Investing, Helferei, January 2016

With Forma Futura and seif, we explored – why Mark Zuckerberg puts his $ 45 bn into the corporate structure of an LLC, and not a donation into a foundation, like everyone else did?


Climate Action. Are You Ready for 2020?, ETH, November 2015

This event – jointly organised by Climate-KIC, Climate-KIC Alumni AssociationGreenBuzz and South Pole Group – provided informed insights of what are the potential outcomes of the COP21 and its implications for public and private organisations.


Sustainable Buildings and Construction Kick-off Event, SSB, October 2015

How to best leverage technology or simply “common sense” innovation both in the developed and developing world? Check out photos from our event co-organised by our partner Ernst Schweizer AG and get tuned for more events in the sustainable buildings and construction series.


Sustainability of Food Packaging, September 2015

Is packaging, particularly for foods and beverages, necessary? How much is needed and healthy, and how can we make food packaging more sustainable? These and similar questions and issues, also conflicting ones, as well as solutions were addressed and discussed at the GreenBuzz food packaging event.


Textile Innovations – Freitag Factory Tour, Freitag, September 2015 

Sustainable fashion and textiles – what are the trends in innovative materials and upcycling old ones? That was the main message of our second event in the sustainable textile event series.



Aletsch Glacier Tour, July 2015