Our GreenBuzz member community is amazingly diverse – sustainability experts and enthusiasts from many sectors and walks of life form this group. We want to celebrate that! Scroll down and learn about the projects, the ideas and the sustainability journeys of the people who form this community. Meet our members!

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Meet our members: Gabriel Hansmann!

Meet Gabriel Hansmann!

Job Title: Research Analyst

Company: Globalance Bank

GreenBuzz Member since: December 2020

Most interested in: Affordable & Clean Energy, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

“I joined GreenBuzz because I want to learn from other sustainability experts. Personally, I am interested in sustainable energy and mobility. I am fascinated to use new technologies, but also to understand their true impact. Data to measure impact is still missing. But there is one good thing: 90% of all scientists and researchers that ever lived are alive today. It’s the power of exponential growth. The 2020s will take us a big step forward.”⠀

One last thing that Gabriel wants the sustainability community to remember is this: “Give wind and tide a chance to change!”

Meet our Members: Michelle van Waveren

Meet Michelle van Waveren!

Job Title: Global Social Impact Fellow

Company: MovingWorlds Institute

GreenBuzz Member since: January 2021

Most interested in: Gender Equality, Affordable & Clean Energy, Decent Work & Economic Growth

“I’m new to the sustainability world. Joining GreenBuzz has been a great way to learn and build a new network!”

Driving positive environmental & ethical change in the clothing industry is Michelle’s passion. “It is very inspiring to see many organizations pushing for change. I just wished stakeholders would join forces for greater impact. I hope to help with that and propose establishing one universal label, see here.”

Michelle is also inspired by the B Corp movement. “As B Leader I help companies measure what matters and use business as a force for good.”

Make sure to check out Michelle’s amazing project and don’t hesitate to get in touch with her to learn more about her sustainability journey!

Meet our Members: Habiba El Kasri!

Meet Habiba El kasri!

Job Title: Founder & CEO

Company: asgunfa GMBH

GreenBuzz Member since: August 2020

Most interested in: No Poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality

“On an individual level, I try as much as possible to make sustainable decisions in my life. But the fact that it’s not yet a standardized topic to everyone is a challenge I see when it comes to pushing sustainability forward in society.”

One way of overcoming that challenge which plays a big role at GreenBuzz, is connecting sustainability enthusiasts and amplifying their individual efforts by forming a network. That is why Habiba chose to become a GreenBuzz member: “I want to get in touch with the sustainability community in Zurich!”

Meet our Members: Tobias Meier!

Meet Tobias Meier!

Job Title: Senior Project Leader Sustainable Textiles

Company: ecos

GreenBuzz Member since: October 2017

Most interested in: Agenda 2030, Fair Trade, Textiles

“In my life, I have witnessed many, many positive developments with regards to sustainability. Currently I am working on building up an organic and fair-trade cotton coalition in West-Africa, building up a think-tank on sustainability on the Kerenzerberg and running the secretariat of the sustainable Textiles Switzerland 2030 program. I am president of Swiss Fair Trade, board-member of Gebana Fairtrade, project leader of Prozirkula, and representing the sustainability branch-association MaxTex in Switzerland.”

Tobias is looking to exchange ideas and knowledge with other people who are interested in sustainability: “I want to learn from other members!”

Meet our Members: Holger Sigmund!

Meet Holger Sigmund!

Job Title: Tourism Expert

Company: Holger Sigmund Management  Projects

GreenBuzz Member since: February 2021

Most interested in: Sustainable Tourism, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water

“Sustainability plays a key role in my life. With two little kids, we have to change consumption and focus on new values now. We teach them to better take care about our planet and people by doing so ourselves.”

As a representative of Green Destinations Switzerland, Holger has witnessed a positive shift with regards to sustainability in his field: “People are highly aware of the topic in our days and desire sustainable products and services. This is an incentive for providers to offer attractive options to them. In my work, I support sustainable travel destinations and amplify the reach of those who set good examples.”

Amidst the many challenges that the sustainability community faces, Holger’s focus is clear: “Stay positive!”

Meet our Members: Fidel Chiriboga!

Meet Fidel Chiriboga!

Job Title: Project Manager & Doctoral Researcher

Company: ETH Zürich

GreenBuzz Member since: April 2021

Most interested in: Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities

“Sustainability has been a subconscious key component of my whole life – from childhood deciding to become a biologist, to adulthood and my current aim to expand my professional fields of action in this area.”

Despite the challenge of translating sustainability topics from an academic towards a more pragmatic & real world approach, Fidel has experienced numerous positive sustainability-related developments in his life: Early support to youth engagement in environmental campaigns, considerable efforts into training future environmental academics and capacity development of engaged and enthusiastic environmental professionals to-be are just few of the many examples that come to Fidel’s mind.