Every year we publish our impact measurement project

Through our events and workshops, we have built a diverse network of sustainability professionals and enthusiasts from across different sectors, whom we enable to make both professional and personal connections and share their expertise.

The impact of GreenBuzz can be seen in the stories shared by our members, who have taken steps towards sustainable change within their personal or professional environments. 

So how exactly do we define the impact of GreenBuzz Zurich?

Our colleague, Robin Weisser, designed and conducted an impact measurement project, which is custom-made for GreenBuzz Zurich. It considers our broader community and network, as well as our members and our communications.

The impact measurement consisted of five parts: an analysis of our network, an analysis of our membership base, a survey, individual interviews and a communications analysis.

In 2020 we collected and analyzed a big data set and combined all the results in an Impact Report. This report was updated in 2021 and 2022

Read the 2020 Impact Report here! Read the 2021 Impact Report here! Read the 2022 Impact Report here!

“The first GreenBuzz event I attended was in 2015 and I was so excited and grateful to have found an organisation that was bringing people together from all different fields, who shared a common passion for sustainability, and to know that this enthusiasm existed in Zurich. I continue to be grateful for all of the work that you do, and the inspiring people that I meet at GreenBuzz events!”

Rosanna Brady, GreenBuzz Member

Here are some of the main findings of the report:

– Impactful and important: Both the qualitative interviews and the results of the survey show that our network sees our work as impactful and important. 

– Diverse Network: We have a highly diverse network consisting of professionals from 16 different industries & sectors.

– High Seniority: GreenBuzz Members and Event Participants show a high level of seniority & work experience.

Knowledge-Sharing and Networking are the two top priorities to our network – supported by the fact that our Thematic Events that combine knowledge transfer with networking are our most popular event format!

We have taken into account all the results and have worked hard to already implement some changes according to what we have learnt.

Do you want to find out what we have planned for 2021 and beyond? You can find that information on the last pages of the Impact Report.