Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Britta Gruenig Castelli | powered by GreenBuzz Zurich

GreenBuzz got together with certified co-active personal coach, Britta Gruenig Castelli, and exclusively offers a personal 1-on-1 development program to its members with a substantial New Years discount!

Are you committed and resourceful? Do you want to have deep impact? Are you growing your awareness? But is something holding you back and stopping you from living your most impactful life?

Then, this is the program for you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer is only valid for GreenBuzz Members. You are not a member yet? Become one today!

What do you get?
  • Six 1-on-1 coaching sessions (bi-weekly for three months) with Britta Gruenig Castelli to become the deep impact leader you can be!
About the coaching sessions
  • Remote (over the phone or Zoom)
  • Tailor-made according to your personal needs and priorities
  • Possible starting points for your sessions:
    • I’m starting this new phase in my life – I want to have more positive impact. But I’m not sure what exactly that means and how I should get started?
    • I want to be a purpose driven leader. But I need help figuring out my purpose. 
    • I’m excited about all the possibilities in the impact space and want to read everything and participate in every event. I realize I could have more impact if I focused my energy – but on what? 
    • I’m running my impact projects and know a lot about sustainability already. But I’m facing some roadblocks that are hard to overcome
  • Held in English
  • Start in January, February or March 2021

“There is no typical session as processes and approaches are adjusted to address the needs at hand. During the course of the sessions, you will be guided to seek answers to questions, such as, what has brought you to where you are, what stops you from moving forward, and what is the forward you want to move towards – and how.” – Britta Gruenig Castelli

  • Five spots for GreenBuzz Members
  • Exclusive price for GreenBuzz Members: 2’199 CHF for 6 sessions
  • This means an exclusive 35% discount from the regular price of 3’400 CHF for the same program!
Zero Risk

You are on the fence? Schedule a 20-minute info call with Britta to see if it is a good personal “fit” and/or to clarify any questions you might have? Schedule your call HERE.

Who is Britta Gruenig Castelli?

Britta is a certified co-active coach specialized in enabling impact through personal transformation. Her professional goal is to help inheritors, founders, and corporate leaders to embark on their journey toward positive impact. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, communities, and institutions in order to help in overcoming the blocks that have kept them from being the vehicles of change that they want to be.

Britta’s approach relies on profound and transformational personal
development that lets the coachee explore, identify, and dive into the self in a trusted environment.

In the last few years, Britta worked for the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at the University of Zurich, where she developed and led the Personal Development Programs. At Gruenig & Partners, she has been active as a personal coach since 2017.

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Testimonials from former coachees

So much of your impact strategy is inspired by who you are. After taking the Personal Development
Program, I understand my privilege and position better. I’m less defined by guilt. […] It’s important to have a coach you can trust and share vulnerabilities with. This program made it extremely easy to do so. I couldn’t recommend this experience more!

Jinisha Sharma,

Social Impact & Strategy Executive at Capri Global
Trustee on Capri Foundation

The Personal Development Program was a very important step in my development as a person and as a wealth owner. The program helped me to recognise my values and to welcome my fears. Thanks to this support, I was able to gain clarity on the role I want to have as an impact investor without losing the connection to my inner self.

Carlotta Zarattini,

Co-founder at Impact HUB Ticino, Switzerland

Britta is an amazing coach that helped identify the essential parts of me that could be optimized. She listens and engages with her students in order to create a bespoke experience that is immensely
beneficial. It is a program I recommend for any person who wants be an idealized version of themself.

Matthew Bash,

Founding President, The Eschaton Group

There are only 5 spots available for this offer – so apply for a spot today!