Our Story

The idea of GreenBuzz started in March 2010 in Zurich, when Falko Paetzold invited around 15 sustainability professionals for a casual drink – he was looking to meet and learn from others working on sustainability topics in different industries. GreenBuzz was a success from day one. In 2013, an independent non-profit association was founded to drive sustainability, grow the momentum and build on the traction that GreenBuzz had been gaining since 2010. Since then, the GreenBuzz community has grown to more than 3,000 Buzzers only in Zurich. In late 2014, GreenBuzz Global was founded to address the demand from other cities, and new local chapters were founded in Berlin, Amsterdam, Geneva and Bern. Currently, we are working on expanding GreenBuzz Global to establish global reach and impact.

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GreenBuzz Team

We are a diverse, complementary and committed team of sustainability professionals who are deeply rooted in the sustainability scene. We share our expertise to keep the GreenBuzz association developing and the community buzzing.

Stephen Neff

Stephen has a vast amount of knowledge and working experience in the technology and clean tech industry. As GreenBuzz Zurich’s president, he heads the executive board and works closely with the team towards achieving our vision.

Lim Adriaenssens
EXECUTIVE BOARD – Vice President & Treasurer

Lim is passionate about innovating and collaborating through challenges. He makes sure that GreenBuzz stays up to date with current trends in the sustainability ecosystem.

Patricia Matzdorf
EXECUTIVE BOARD – Community Building & Engagement

Patricia is a seasoned partnership specialist with a passion for innovative initiatives. At Greenbuzz she helps to diversify the community and give members access to sustainability projects.

Jean-Marc Thorens
EXECUTIVE BOARD – Communications & PR

Jean-Marc is passionate about people and global sustainability initiatives. He is fueling Greenbuzz with his expertise from over 15 years in live communication.

Lena Stüdeli
OPERATIONAL TEAM – Managing Director

Lena has an academic background with a focus on the effective communication of sustainability. Since December 2019, she is the managing director of GreenBuzz Zurich.

Rachel Dale

As the events manager, Rachel brings her passion for connecting people and her entrepreneurial spirit to GreenBuzz. If you have ideas for future events, please get in touch with her.

Sabrina Simili
OPERATIONAL TEAM – Fundraising & Sponsorship Manager

Sabrina is a fundraising & sponsorship expert. During her studies in Religion, Economics &Politics at the University of Zurich, she focused on business ethics. Now she is happy to support GreenBuzz with her experience and knowledge.

Lara Oliveira König

Lara studied World Politics at the international Honours College of Leiden University and supports GreenBuzz in communications and event management.

Robin Weisser
OPERATIONAL TEAM – Impact Measurement Manager

Robin studied political sciences at the University of Zurich and supports GreenBuzz with impact measurement and with establishing new GreenBuzz chapters.

Alexie Duncker
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Hospitality & Tourism

Alexie has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a background in management and business development. In new projects, she always prioritizes positive impact and sustainability.

Mounia Boujija
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Food & Agriculture

Mounia is a Strategy and Projects Manager at Chocolat Frey, on top of that she runs our events on food & agriculture.

Holger Hendrichs
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Building & Construction

Holger works at greenTEG, an ETH spin-off active in the field of building technology and energy harvesting. At GreenBuzz, he pushes our activities in the sustainable construction stream.

Christina Nakhle
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Renewable Energy

Christina works at the Group for Sustainability and Technology at ETH, primarily on topics relating to energy and buildings. At Greenbuzz she focuses on our events related to energy.

John Duncan
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Plastics & Marine Stewardship

John works with WWF International coordinating their No Plastics in Nature Initiative. At GreenBuzz he leads events related to plastics and marine stewardship.

Taeun Kwon
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Sustainable Finance I

Taeun Kwon is the Head of Wealth Manager Programs at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at the University of Zurich. At GreenBuzz she leads our sustainable finance topic stream.

Emma Farrell
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Sustainable Finance II

Emma is working on the newly established Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Sustainable Investing team within Credit Suisse Asset Management and supports GreenBuzz on events about the finance sector.

Camilla Leopoldino
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Topic Lead Sustainable Finance III

Camilla work as an ESG analyst for Vontobel, she is passionate about sustainability, and business strategy. She supports GreenBuzz on events about the finance sector.

Liesbeth Deddens
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Content Performance Manager

Liesbeth is product marketing manager at Climeworks. Her passion is to find improvements and have a positive impact. At GreenBuzz she is looking at the performance of the newsletter and website.

Marco Buscemi
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Marketing & Communications

Marco is an experienced marketing communication expert with a passion for sustainability, business and transformation. He supports us with his strategic marketing and operational management skills.

Cristina Maria Nieddu
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Content Performance & Analytics

Cristina is an experienced online travel manager & hospitality expert with a passion for sustainability, business and strategy. She supports us with her analytical skills, mostly in content performance management.

Aisha Schnellmann
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Social Media Content

Aisha is a communications expert in development and sustainability topics. She continuously develops our communications and networking strategy.

Carole Gerhard
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Social Media Content

Carole is a marketing and communications professional with more than 5 years of experience in various fields of the hospitality sector currently writing her thesis on CSR in the hotel industry. 

Barbara Truyers
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Global Community & Rollout

With a background in international business development across sectors, Barbara’s passion for people and the environment have lead her to make a career change and she is now working for myclimate, as a corporate partnerships manager. She supports GreenBuzz to establish a strong, international network and structure for GreenBuzz Global.

Karina Mereuta
VOLUNTEER TEAM – Global Community & Rollout

Karina Mereuta is an experienced communicator and social entrepreneur who has previously worked in Government Institutions, NGOs, Start-up Incubators and SME Consultancy in Romania, Belgium, China and USA. Passionate about sustainability, she wants to use her experience to support companies in their quest to add purpose and impact to their business models.

GreenBuzz Advisory Board

We consult experienced professionals who are passionate about sustainability and the development of GreenBuzz. Our advisory board contributes to success of GreenBuzz with a great mixture of their respective competences coming from different spheres of society and businesses.

Falko Paetzold
Amanda Turner Ege
Antoine Prédour
Robert Boer
Sabine Lötscher
Heather Kirk