Coronavirus Update: GreenBuzz is continuing virtually for as long as it’s needed!

GreenBuzz has adapted to this new situation, that affects each and everyone of us. That is why we have been running all our events online!

This means that no events are cancelled or postponed!

Exception: Thematic Evening: Food Production & Technology – Greener Together is still postponed to: October 6th 2020.

Together, let’s explore new ways of convening, networking, learning, socialising etc.!

For all our events that are held virtually, you will receive a 50% discount. Simply use the discount code: Virtual_Buzzing.


GreenBuzz Zurich

GreenBuzz Zurich is a community of more than 3000 people working in sustainability in and around Zurich. We connect professionals from across different sectors to share knowledge and to inspire and motivate each other to push sustainability forward in their daily jobs. 

At our events and workshops, you have the chance to meet other professionals who are part of the biggest sustainability network in Zurich.

Our theory of change is that, in order to achieve the fast changes towards a sustainable planet that are needed, we need to get the big players on board. We believe that empowering professionals and giving them the necessary tools to advance sustainability within their companies is crucial for making business more sustainable

GreenBuzz Zurich is a membership-based, cross-sectoral network with both membership plans for private persons and membership plans for businesses. Read all about the many member benefits and become a GreenBuzz member here


Our Main Partners

WWF Switzerland
University of St. Gallen
CSP Partner