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Virtual Unconference: Migration Underrepresented But Key to Achieving the SDGs

October 27th

Even though the relationship between migration and the SDGs is increasingly recognized, it is still an underexplored issue, and the implementation of existing programmes of support for migrants is often insufficient.

This is a problem considering that migrants are often economically very active, a source of cultural diversity, and thereby significantly contribute to innovation and economic growth. An example for this is Switzerland, as migration is integral to the Swiss economy and businesses. 

At this virtual unconference, we discussed the relationship between migration and the SDGs and the role of migration in the context of Switzerland.

We have recorded all the speakers and the inputs can be accessed through the links below:

Here you find the participant list of the event.

Thematic Event: Food Production & Technology Greener Together?

October 6th, 2020

Technology is often perceived to conflict with sustainable food production. However, there has been growing interest in green farming technologies and their potential to make agriculture more sustainable. Many of these technologies are still in early development stages. However they are evolving at impressive rates and could soon revolutionize our food production systems. 

At this thematic event, we discussed the future of sustainable food production with our five speakers Frederic Hemmeler, Rafael Waber, Urs Niggli, Pierre Kauffmann and Frits Vranken. The event was moderated  by Mounia Boujija. One of the key takeaways from the event: “Agriculture is not romantic.” – Urs Niggli.

Here are the links to the participant list, the presentations and some pictures that we took during the event.

Informal Drinks: Road to Regeneration – Resilience Through Networking

October 1st, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented shock to the global economy. Lockdowns brought economic activity to a standstill with catastrophic consequences especially in countries with less resilient economies.

In the developed economies, governments and central banks are stepping in with large support and stimulus packages. In the developing world these support activities are scarce and the poor are hit unproportionally hard. 

At this informal drinks, we had Rachel Joyce-Gibbons and Dirk Dijksma discuss the implications of this.

We have recorded all the speakers and the inputs can be accessed through the links below:

Here you find the participant list of the event.

Virtual Unconference: Equality and Why It’s Integral to Sustainability

September 17th, 2020

Even though there are some positive signs of reduced inequality, such as income equality in some countries and preferential trade status benefiting lower-income countries, inequality still persists in all forms. Unfortunately, the current pandemic is an exacerbating factor for inequalities and is hitting the most vulnerable people and countries the hardest.

At this Unconference, we discussed the role of (gender) equality in sustainable development and the connection between equality and the economy.

We have recorded all the speakers and the inputs can be accessed through the links below:

Here you find the participant list of the event.

Thematic Event: How Can Tourism Become a Force For Good?

September 10th, 2020

At this Thematic Event, we heard from experts on how the tourism industry is looking at the future and what is being done to address the necessary shifts to stay within the planetary boundaries. Our biggest take-away from the night: always start by asking WHY before you start working on the HOW of making your business more sustainable!

We again thank our speakers Luigi Cabrini, Franziska Altenrath, Daniela Schöb, Alexandra Pastollnigg, and Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios, as well as our moderator John Duncan for their insightful inputs. We would also like to thank Switzerland Tourism for hosting the event, Äss-Bar GmbH for sponsoring delicious pastries, and Swisscontact for offering the photo booth.

Here are the links to the participant list, the presentations and some pictures that our photographer Michele McCoig took during the event.

Anniversary Summer Party: Celebrate 10 Years of GreenBuzz Zurich with us!

August 20th, 2020

This year’s GreenBuzz Summer Party was in particular exciting as we celebrated 10 years of GreenBuzz Zurich! Moreover, our GreenBuzz community was excited to reconnect and network at this first in-person event since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

For the third year in a row, it was held in a lovely Zurich park by the lake. Around 100 buzzers joined us for an apéro and light evening program. With our ‘experience auction’, where GreenBuzz members and start-ups donated experiences to be auctioned off, we raised money for the purpose of financing our next intern. Furthermore, we heard five interesting quick pitches from young sustainable organizations and start-ups. Quick pitches were given by: Crick, Arbofino, Pabhoi Greens, IMS, Proactively, Grownate, and Crowdcontainer.

Photographers Dawna Mueller and Hitsch captured the evening very nicely. See the full photo album here.

We are excited to see what the next 10 years will bring!

Virtual Unconference: How to Succeed in Switzerland’s Energy Transition

July 7th, 2020

This interactive event informed attendees about where Switzerland stands in terms of progressing on the energy transition. Our experts addressed the issue at hand from a holistic perspective, with a focus on decarbonizing the building and transportation sectors. Furthermore, we discussed various solutions that should be focused on from this point on to accelerate the transition.

We have recorded all the speakers and the inputs can be accessed through the links below:

GreenBuzz Joint Event: Post Covid-19 – Our Opportunity for a More Sustainable World

June 25th, 2020

For the first time, the GreenBuzz chapters Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Berlin came together for a joint virtual event!

Throughout this global crisis that we are currently in, it has become increasingly clear that environmental, social and governance sustainability need to be a priority, now more than ever! The crisis has shone a light on the drawbacks and injustices of our global (economic) systems.

With our global community we discussed the important topic of ‘sustainability after Covid-19’ and how we can make sure it is still a priority!

We have recorded all the speakers and the inputs can be accessed through the links below:

Virtual Informal Drinks: Gender Lens Investing – Hype or Opportunity?

June 11th, 2020

SDG 5 calls for gender equality. The financial industry however, has typically been led by men and focused on men as the main investors. It is time to change this to ensure women are represented both as investors and recipients of funding to build the economy and improve the lives of women.

It is well documented that companies with gender diversity in leadership positions outperform ones that do not, so investing in these companies makes financial sense. At this informal drinks we were able to discuss the reasons of gender inequality in the financial sector and how we can challenge and finally overcome it.

You can view Olga Miller‘s input online here.

Virtual Unconference: Can Covid-19 Create Positive Momentum for Systems Change?

May 26th, 2020

More than ever, we feel how urgently we need to change the systems, which we have been living in and been part of. Covid-19 has shone a light on some of the uncomfortable truths and issues of, for example, our economic system or the complex value and supply chains that are an integral part of our consumer society.

GreenBuzz brought together professionals with different backgrounds to talk about the implications of the Covid-19 crisis and if this crisis creates momentum for systems change. Several topics and concrete examples of systems change were discussed that resulted in fruitful ideas to follow up.

Virtual Thematic Evening: EU Action Plan – A Gamechanger for the Financial Industry

May 12th, 2020

Considering the worldwide importance of the European financial centres, sustainable finance measures adopted by the EU will not only affect EU-based institutions, but also those incorporated outside the EU serving or seeking to serve European clients. This means that Swiss players also have to comply with these sustainable finance regulation standards, and they have the potential to lead the way with contributing towards achieving these sustainability goals.

GreenBuzz brought together experts in the area to inform how the new legislative measures of the EU Action plan will affect how we conduct business and facilitated the discussion about the challenges and opportunities associated with the new sustainable finance regulation.

Virtual Informal Drinks: Pesticide-Free Agriculture

May 7th, 2020

At this informal drinks interesting and relevant questions regarding agriculture and the use of pesticides were dicsussed. We had inputs from expert on the field and discussed what the key challenges are of reducing pesticides in agriculture, how all actors of food value chain can be integrated in the process and how new agriculture production systems can guarantee food supply for a growing nuber of people worldwide – while becoming more sustainable.

Virtual Unconference: Prioritize Your Organization’s Efforts to Tackle Climate Change

April 28th, 2020

Participants play the leading role in an ‘UNconference’: The specific discussion topics are determined by the participants, based on real cases and experiences. The participants were therefore able to discuss a wide range of different topics regarding how to approach and priotitize an organization’s effort to tackle climate change.

During the discussions we had inputs from climate change experts and an input about the Project Drawdown, an international research organization that analyses, and identifies the most viable global climate change solutions and shares these findings openly with the world.

GreenBuzz x plus305 Virtual Workshop: Intercultural Competence

April 7th, 2020

In this workshop the participants gained new insights about intercultural competence and how to implement measurements towards a more inclusive working culture. Sustainability leaders play an important role in achieving the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). SDG 10 concerns reducing inequalities, meaning “the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.”

This workshop was co-organized by GreenBuzz Zurich and the Social Impact Boutique PLUS305.

Virtual Informal Drinks: EU Action Plan

April 2nd, 2020

This event is part of GreenBuzz’s Informal Drinks Series that is specially tailored for finance professionals in Zurich who want to learn from fellow professionals and share experiences regarding hot sustainability topics in the finance sector.

During an informal virtual pub crawl the new sustainable finance regulations of the EU Action Plan, its meaning for the finance world and opportunities regarding sustainable business were discussed.

GreenBuzz x Polarstern Virtual Workshop: Sustainability Communication

March 26th & April 30th, 2020

Communicating about sustainability to stakeholders is a complex task – it requires a great deal of planning and a good understanding of your stakeholders’ needs and attitudes. Andreas Renggli  introduced us to Polarstern’s “Sustainability Communication Canvas”. The Canvas helps you to understand the key elements of sustainability communication, which, in turn, will allow you to follow a clear strategic approach.

The workshop was co-organized by GreenBuzz Zurich and Polarstern Communication Agency.

Art Excursion

March 4th & 11th, 2020

On two occasions, GreenBuzz organized a tour through the exhibition by the Danish-icelandic artist, Olafur Eliassion at Kunsthaus Zürich and subsequently shared interesting discussions over some drinks.

For Eliasson, art must also be relevant to society. Issues such as climate change, migration and the exploitation of our planet’s resources are central to his work. He successfully translates these essential themes and social concerns into a formal language that not only appeals to people rationally but also touches them emotionally and moves them physically.

Moderator Training: Unconferences

February 27th, 2020

The ‘UNconference’ is a proven open space format, in which the participants play the leading role: The specific discussion topics are determined by the participants, based on real cases and experiences. This active role of the participants fuels their motivation, creativity and collaborative sides.

Campaign strategist and seasoned open space convener Duane Raymond teached how to facilitate unconferences, e.g. how to motivate the participants, what to focus on before and during an unconference, and most importantly, how to be productive and effective in an open format such as unconferences!

Innovation Breakfast: Blended Finance – Mobilizing Private Capital for Impact

February 6th, 2020

GreenBuzz brought together experts from industry, academia, government and philanthropy to discuss sustainable financial investments and especially the concept of blended finance. Our financial experts of CSP, responsAbility, UBS optimus fundation and SECO inspired us with their expertise.

Here are the photos, presentations and questions that were discussed.

GreenBuzz x CSP Informal Drinks with Special Guests – Ecosystem Restoration

January 31st, 2020

Ecosystem Restoration is on many people’s mind at the moment, seeing the tremendous long-term ecosystem damage caused by the Australian bushfires that are haunting Australia at the moment. Our special guests a farmer, an ecosystem restoration expert and a leader in tree planting inspired us by the important work they are doing. The event was hosted by GreenBuzz and our partner CSP (Center for Sustainable Finance and Privat Wealth of the University of Zurich) at Amboss Rampe.

Thematic Evening: Towards a Circular Plastics Economy

January 23rd, 2020

We started 2020 discussing the urgent need to move towards a circular Plastics economy.  We had over 110 GreenBuzz members and guests join Industry leaders from Lush, Migros and the WBCSD, Start up initiatives – Innovopolis and Fluidsolids hosted at WWF.

Here are the photos, presentations and questions that were discussed.

GreenBuzz Annual Christmas Party with Earthling Ed

December 12th, 2019

This year’s Annual Christmas Dinner was a special one; for one because we had a very special guest and because we were at a special location!

We are very happy to have had Earthling Ed aka Ed Winters join us at the dinner and talk to us about how our diets impact climate change. Earthling Ed is an internationally known vegan spokesperson, author, public speaker and filmmaker. He is a wonderful speaker and inspiration and we are hoping to be able to welcome him at future GreenBuzz events, too!

The dinner was held at Wirtschaft Ziegelhütte, beautifully located on the edge of the woods up on a hill. We were served a, designed especially for us, 5-course vegetarian / vegan tasting menu.

Join us next year for our 10th Christmas dinner!

Co-Creation Workshop: Get Engaged with The One Planet Hub

December 5th, 2019

The One Planet Hub (OPH) – the future competence centre for resource-light projects and business models – will launch in autumn 2020. GreenBuzz and Föifi Zero-Waste Shop have been working with WWF Switzerland to develop the OPH’s service offerings, governance and strategy.

On the 5th of December, we challenged what we’d developed and asked over 60 participants from the start-up, grassroots initiative, foundation and business world for their opinion on the OPH. Their feedback is now being incorporated in the final OPH project plan!

See the photo album here.

See the presentations here and learn more about The One Planet Hub!

Workshop: ESG Implementation 

November 19th, 2019

As multiple stakeholder groups are demanding better and more transparent ESG performance, the pressure on businesses increases. In this workshop, Claudia Würstle from HCM International and Tamara Teves from MME Legal taught us about four concrete action points for implementing ESG:

  1. Define your key ESG topics;
  2. Formulate your longterm strategy;
  3. Get your employees on board;
  4. Hold management accountable.

We also learnt about possible pitfalls and how to avoid them when implementing ESG initiatives.

See the full presentation here.

Co-Creation Lunch: Business Stakeholders of the One Planet Hub

November 7th, 2019

GreenBuzz Zurich is working together with WWF Switzerland on developing a new project that is set to launch in autumn 2020 – The One Planet Hub (OPH). The OPH will be a competence centre for resource-light grassroots initiatives, projects and business models.

In November 2019, we organised several Co-Creation Lunches, bringing together experts in a particular field to challenge our ideas and plans for the OPH with them.

On November 7th, we brought together a powerful group of senior business people to discuss the planned OPH offering for business stakeholders. In the room, we had representatives from Migros Engagement, RobecoSAM, MyClimate, Hyatt Hotels, UBS Global Visionaries, Barry Callebaut, IBM Switzerland, BASF, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Climate-KIC.

Keep an eye out for more One Planet Hub news!

GreenBuzz x WWF Impact Lunch: Climate Youth 

October 31st, 2019

In the end of October, we had our second joint GreenBuzz x WWF Sexy Salad Lunch (Brown Bag Lunch principle) of the year, where members of the GreenBuzz community and WWF employees come together to brainstorm about a particular challenge over a delicious lunch.

This time the challenge posed by WWF was: What can WWF Switzerland do to support the young climate movement?

GreenBuzz also invited representatives from the climate movement. There were many young people and one ‘official’ spokesperson from the Climate Strike Switzerland.

See all the pictures here.

Keep an eye out for future Impact Lunches – we will have two in March 2020!

Thematic Evening: Energy Transition in Switzerland

October 29th, 2019

In October, around 80 people from the energy sector or with a strong interest in renewables met at the WWF Switzerland offices to hear from experts where we stand regarding the energy transition in Switzerland, and how we can fill the projected energy gap emerging from moving away from fossil fuels.

The four speaker represented different perspectives on the energy question and sometimes had contradicting opinions, which led to engaged discussions. Read more about the speakers here.

See the pictures here.

See the presentations here.

There will be another event on the topic of energy in summer 2020 – so stay tuned!

Innovation Breakfast: Mobility and Spatial planning

October 2nd, 2019

Mobility and Spatial planning is key to the way in which we will live, travel and work in a sustainable way in the future. We had some excellent inputs from

Linus Grob, strategy planner at SBB, Andrea Del Duce, senior research associate at ZHAW, Claudio Büchel Professor für Verkehrsplanung at HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Daniel Sutter, Geschäftsleiter, Partner bei INFRAS and Han Van de Wetering, Owner / Urban engineer at Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau

This lead to an engaging discussion about the effects of densification and the importance of mobility hubs. The discussion led to more questions including:

“How do we design the movement of cargo so that towns are desirable to live and work in?”, “How can mobility hubs be created within the already well developed and densely populated areas around stations?”, “How can all stakeholders who own property in less densely populated spaces be convinced to adapt to a sustainable living model?”

Read more about our speakers here.

See the presentations here.

See the pictures here.

We look forward to more mobility events.

Innovation Breakfast: Sustainability Communication

September 26th, 2019

At this innovation breakfast, we had a powerful line-up of communication experts who shared their insights on how to communicate sustainability to external stakeholders.

Inputs were given by Philipp Bachmann from the University of Zurich, Margreet Groot from Mondelez International, Gabriel Hansmann from Globalance Bank, Andreas Renggli from Polarstern Agentur, Daniel Krieg from KSP Werbeagentur, Manuela Huck-Wettstein from Sustainserv and Robert Dornau from RobecoSAM.

Some of the main take-aways from the innovation breakfast were:

  • Do not use the word “sustainability” when communicating about sustainability to customers;
  • Always find and focus on positive ways of communicating sustainability;
  • Understand the stakeholder your communicating to as aware and knowledgeable.

This innovation breakfast resulted in several follow-up workshops that allow participants to dive deeper into the topic of sustainability communication!

Thank you to all contributors, the host of the event RobecoSAM and the great moderator, Simon Sudbury, for this successful event!

See the full photo album here.

See all the presentations here.

Read more about our speakers here.

Unconference for Sustainability Professionals

September 18th, 2019

At the second GreenBuzz Zurich unconference, 30+ sustainability professionals came together to discuss challenges they’re facing in their profession. The unconference is an open-format ‘conference’, meaning that the topics / challenges, that were discussed in small break-out groups, were chosen by the participants themselves. Some of the very interesting topics that were chosen are: How can we talk about the need for a systems change? Regeneration – is sustainability passé? How can automation support sustainability? Determining & communicating the financial / business value of sustainability efforts. How can sustainability drive innovation? And many more!

Duane Raymond did a wonderful job hosting the unconference, as did Neelke Verhelst from Barry Callebaut as his co-host.

This unconference was so successful and, according to the feedback of the participants, valuable that we decided to organize regular unconferences from now on!

See the pictures here.

See the presentation here.

Read more about our speakers here.

Annual Summer Party 2019

August 22nd, 2019

This year’s GreenBuzz summer party was a great success. For the second year in a row, it was held in a lovely Zurich park by the lake. Around 100 buzzers joined us for an apéro and light evening program. With our ‘experience auction’, where GreenBuzz (team) members donated experiences to be auctioned off, we raised money for the purpose of financing our next intern. Furthermore, we heard five interesting quick pitches from young sustainable organizations and start-ups. Quick pitches were given by: Haelixa, Wayste, Wood and Field, My Blue Planet and Too Good To Go. The food was kindly donated to us by Alnatura.

Photographers Dawna Mueller and Christian Rogantini captured the evening very nicely. See the full photo album here.

Blockchain for Sustainable Supply Chains

June 20th, 2019

Blockchain event

Around 100 buzzers attended this thematic evening on the topic of the blockchain technology and how it can be used for sustainable supply chains. Inspiring inputs were given by Micha Roon, a senior blockchain technology expert and advisor from the Share&Charge Foundation, Philipp Spaeti, CTO of IBM Switzerland, Sabine Loetscher, Senior Manager of Sustainable Markets at WWF Switzerland and Harald Rauter, Senior Innovation Specialist at Climate-KIC. The audience was highly engaged in the topic and participated in motivated discussions and networking at the Apéro following the presentations. Issues and challenges regarding transparency, traceability and trust in connection with blockchain applications were raised. At the same time, the chances and opportunities of the blockchain technology were highlighted.

See full event photo album here.

See presentations here.

Drinks at WWF Switzerland offices

May 14th, 2019

Informal Drinks with GreenBuzz Zurich is always a great opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas. We like to curate the networking to ensure people meet as many people with shared interests as possible. During this week’s event for example, we had a one-minute rotating introduction session around the ‘globe’ at WWF’s head offices.

See full photo album here.

Mobility – Die Zukunft der Städtischen Mobilität

April 4th, 2019

There is a trend to reduce car ownership in Swiss cities, yet an increasing number of people are being transported between urban centers, agglomerations and rural regions. A breakfast hosted by GreenBuzz Zurich and SCCR CREST highlighted the tension between new means of transport (such as shared electric scooters) and public transport. More work needs to be done, but it is part of GreenBuzz’s mission to bring together parties to find solutions. 

See full photo album here

See the presentations here.

Construction Materials Matter

April 2nd, 2019

We had over 60 people Buzzing about sustainable construction materials. With 40% of CO2 emissions coming from constructing and running buildings, this is a vital discussion that we are continuing to facilitate.

See full photo album here

See the presentations here

Climate-Friendly Business Events

February 26th, 2019

On Tuesday, 26th of February we had a very inspiring breakfast about climate-friendly business events at the Kulturpark. We addressed this topic from different perspectives with guest speakers Uta Kroll, Head of the convention bureau of Zürich TourismFrank Marreau, Managing Director of MCI Switzerland. and Anders Tellefsen, Director, Procurement Lead Marketing Meetings Travel EUCAN at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. We learned a lot about the challenges the different stakeholders of the business event industry are facing and had a very interactive discussion about how they could be approached.

See full photo album here

See the presentations here

GreenBuzz Apéro: Innovation against Food Waste – From Farm to Table

January 31st, 2019

Our Food Waste Apero was inspiring, very informative and as always buzzing. We learned about the challenges around food waste and brought impact to several innovative start up’s in this area. At the Apero, we provided overproduced food from John Baker, Soyana and Zum Guten Heinrich, allowing us to have a direct impact on Food Waste. We would like to thank Thomas Vellacott and Claudio Beretta for highlighting what is currently being done and where the big opportunities lie within fighting this field, as well as Fanny Brun, for her talk around the question “What is behind date labels?”. Additionally, we would like to thank Kitro, Toogoodtogo and Zurichips , three very innovative startups, for sharing how they are tackling food waste.

See full photo album here

See presentations here

Meat the Future: The Path to Sustainable Plates

November 6th, 2018

What place does meat have in a sustainable food system? Can sustainable practices help reduce meat production’s footprint? How can we drive more sustainable consumption patterns? How can innovation and technology help towards a more sustainable protein supply chain? These questions and more were discussed at the event, with inputs from Manuel Klarmann (Eaternity), Thomas Rippel (former economist turned organic farmer), Bühler Group, and Blue Horizon. Food was prepared by celebrity vegan chef Lauren Wildbolz, and snacks and beverages were also offered by HiltlBeyond MeatUMAMINew Roots, ChariTea and Delinat

See full photo album here

See the presentations here

Addressing Your Climate Risks and Opportunities

November 7th, 2018

60 professionals met for a half day workshop hosted by South Pole. In response to the Paris Agreement, two initiatives around climate risks and opportunities are gaining traction: The Framework for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Science Based Targets (SBT). Who is pushing for these initiatives? What are the implications for pension funds or corporations? And how do they interrelate? South Pole and GreenBuzz organised an exclusive meeting to discuss these questions and to outline a roadmap for organisations. The event was moderated by Bastien Girod(South Pole), and inputs were offered by Renat Heuberger (CEO, South Pole), Andreas Spiegel, Amandine Favier (Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF Schweiz), Franziska Sinner (Finance expert South Pole), Charlie Henderson (South Pole), Damian Oettli (WWF), and Heinz Hänni, (McDonald’s).

See photo album here

See the presentations here

Impact Investing: Beyond the Hype

October 7th, 2018

60 professionals met over breakfast at RobecoSAM to hear inputs from James Gifford, head of impact investing at UBS and Taeun Kwon, University of Zurich, and Jacob Messina, Head of Sustainability investing research at RobecoSAM . The event was hosted by Falko Paetzold, founder of GreenBuzz and Managing Director of  Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at University of Zurich. Inputs were followed by interactive discussions with the individual speakers.

See photo album here

See presentations here

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